Trutnev the far Eastern Federal district will receive additional aid to contain the coronavirus

the Government of the Russian Federation the decision on allocation of 200 billion roubles to budget support and the implementation of regional programmes for combating coronavirus. “These funds are provided to balance the budgets in the current environment. They have not distributed. We will do this together with colleagues taking into account the interests of the Far East”, – said Deputy Prime Minister – Plenipotentiary representative of RF President in the far Eastern Federal district Yuri Trutnev at a meeting with heads of regions of DFO to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in the Far East and to provide support to entrepreneurs.

“We have repeatedly discussed the situation in the equipment of medical institutions of the Far East with the necessary equipment. Information on applications from the regions associated with lack of funding and lack of availability of remedies for the treatment of patients with coronavirus infection reported to the government of the Russian Federation and of the operational headquarters of the government. I hope this information will be taken into account in the work. To date, the Russian government has adopted a number of decisions on assistance to the regions”, – said Yuri Trutnev.

According to Vice-Premier, the decision on the allocation of regions 5.2 billion rubles from the reserve Fund of the government of the Russian Federation for the purchase of ambulances. For the Far East will purchase 114 such vehicles.

the Ministry of industry and trade adopted a decision on the supply to the far East 257 of the ventilator. It is planned to deliver 60 of the ventilator from the reserve. According to Ministry of health on April 24, in DFO number of devices, invasive and non-invasive ventilation is 1101 units, ecmo – 7, CT-52, bedside monitors – 722. In the framework of agreements between the Ministry of health of Russia and subjects of the far Eastern Federal district will be purchased 3 ecmo machine for the Amur, Magadan regions and the Jewish Autonomous region and 38 of the ventilator, which will be distributed in all regions of the Far East.

Medical care for patients with coronavirus infection is in the infectious hospitals or on the basis of the redeveloped medical organizations. According to Ministry of health on April 24, in DFO, the number of infectious beds opened for the reception of patients, is 3592 of them beds with the ventilator – 988. The Ministry of health jointly with the Ministry of justice are considering the possibility of deploying the institutions of the FSIN of Russia of infectious beds in the Jewish Autonomous region. In the shortest possible time in the JAR will be sent offsite functional team consisting of an infectious disease physician and the epidemiologist from the “SMRC FPI” Ministry of health of Russia.

On behalf of Yury Trutnev development Fund of the Far East and the Arctic (FRD) supplies medical devices and equipment in the far Eastern regions. Funding of programs to combat the spread of virus COVID-19 on the territory of the far Eastern Federal district at the expense of raising funds of large manufacturing companies and FRD. To support the 5 most needy regions (Republic of Buryatia, Jewish Autonomous oblast, Magadan oblast, Transbaikal and Kamchatka region) for the FRD implemented a program aimed 300 million roubles in direct financial assistance: the Republic of Buryatia – 90 million rubles, the Jewish Autonomous region of 30 million rubles, the Magadan region – 30 million rubles, Transbaikalian edge – 100 million rubles, Kamchatka region – 50 million rubles. “Today, the funds will go to the regions”, – said Deputy Prime Minister.

Also in the regions be transferred free of charge to a procurement under this program, 100 of thousands of protective coveralls, protective 108 thousand points, 200 thousand pieces of respirators, 200 thousand pieces of medical gloves. These PPE are distributed among the subjects of the far Eastern Federal district on the basis of the analysis received from the Information center to monitor the situation with coronavirus (ICC) operational information to the headquarters of the Embassy of the needs of medical institutions. Also at the meeting, Yury Trutnev, instructed to double the volume of purchases of protection for doctors in the framework of the programme of assistance to the region. “This will help us to provide the physicians the necessary ammunition for safe operation”, – he explained.

means “Uniform subsidy” provided by the Ministry of Russia for the purchase of CT scanners for the Kamchatka territory and the Jewish Autonomous region was allocated 160 million rubles.

“There is a correlation between the effectiveness of restrictive measures and the propagation velocity of a coronavirus infection. And soft measures, and a growing number of cases lead to the two regions – Khabarovsk Krai and Primorye. Perhaps the beauty parlours optional”, – said Deputy Prime Minister. So, in Khabarovsk territory from April 10 resumed operation of beauty salons and hairdressers, however, there was no monitoring of compliance with restrictive measures. The result is a sharp increase in the number of infected coronavirus infection. According to the ICC, in the Khabarovsk region to maintain organizational problems: security of medical workers with complete sets of personal protective equipment, which includes all of the elements of a set does not exceed 4.6 percent. Despite the outbreak of infectious diseases hospital of Vladivostok, Primorsky region since April 8, was re-enabled hairdressers, beauty salons, shops of home appliances and building materials, which also led to the growth of infected.

the Dynamics of incidence indicates the lack of measures to outreach to the citizens. Average index of self-isolation in the administrative centers of constituent entities of FEFD is 2.2. “The regime of isolation is not liked by anyone. No one wantsing to stay at home. It is necessary to conduct greater outreach to explain to people that we are talking about their health and life” – drew the attention of heads of regions Yury Trutnev.

they Discussed the issue of schemes of inter-regional cooperation of subjects DFO in the provision of medical care to patients coronavirus infection. Order on the conclusion of agreements on interregional cooperation was given by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. “The Federal center is always ready to assist and support the Far East. But there are emergency cases. If necessary, the regions should help each other”, – said Yuri Trutnev.

First Deputy Minister for development of the Far East and the Arctic Sergey Terziev recalled that since mid-April, organized the work of the government Commission on sustained development of the Russian economy in terms of monitoring and supporting backbone enterprises. Now the strategic enterprises in Russia are defined 490, of which 57 – in the far East. Ministry of Russia in accordance with the requests of the subjects of FEFD the lists to receive assistance from the Federal government 24 enterprise. The Ministry continues to receive data from the far Eastern regions and to complete the lists for the recognition of backbone companies.

Ministry of Russia jointly with the Ministry of economic development working on support measures for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). According to preliminary data, the business support funds in the regions of DFO (funds microloans) can obtain through the Ministry of economic development for the recapitalization 329,8 million rubles.

Further analysis was conducted on risk assessment in the work of the residents of TOR and SPV in connection with the prevailing economic situation. Among the 2.3 million residents of the risks recorded on 167 projects. The main reason stems from the fact that foreign companies – equipment suppliers are unable to provide it due to the shutdown of factories in connection with the pandemic. The second reason is risk – companies can’t make production specialists and technicians (engineers and workers) to mount to either run the equipment.

“some of the decisions to support the economy has already been adopted by the President of the Russian Federation. You must ensure that all these measures, people knew, it is necessary to bring the information to them. The second is to monitor the provision of these measures, and if somewhere something does not work, it is necessary to intervene to restore order. If you need our intervention, please promptly notify the Embassy. It is unacceptable that the decision of the President of the Russian Federation in the field were not met,” – he stressed.

during the meeting the Vice Prime Minister instructed the heads of the far Eastern regions to take measures on optimization of expenses of the regional budget in connection with economic situation due to the spread of coronavirus infection in the Russian Federation. First and foremost, the optimization has to touch the number of regional officials. “The first thing to do is to reduce the number of officials. If you start with other measures, people will not understand. Reduce 10% of the most inefficient officials. I think that people only “thank you” I say, and officials will be less business to stick” – he said. To develop the principle, according to which it is necessary to carry out the spending cuts mandated Ministry of Russia.