What is a brand: Donald Trump told a lie in his tenure of more than ten thousand Times, reports the Washington Post. In a good two years.

the frequency of The false statements of the US President has risen considerably, the newspaper wrote. You followed the statements of the US head of state in your fact check from the beginning of his term of office.

Trump’s a liar, more and more

After 601 days in office, the limit of 5000 was reached, according to a report in the newspaper from Monday to eight per day. Only 226 days later – on 26. April – already 10’000 has been wrong statements. In these seven months, came per day, an average of 26 false or misleading statements from the mouth or the spring Trumps.

Perhaps the accumulation is located on the large number of campaign appearances before the parliamentary elections last November, in this period of time. The “Washington Post” writes of a “Tsunami of falsehood”.

100 lies in a week

Alone in a “Interview” with Fox News presenter Sean Hannity in the last week – a TV format in the Hannity keywords and Trump his opinion on this price – be noticed provides 45 false claims. At a campaign appearance in Wisconsin on Saturday, there were even 61.

The “Washington Post” checked in years, the facts in public statements and distributed false statements “Pinocchios” – the book and the cartoon character whose nose is in a lie any longer. The rating is graded, for a particularly clear false allegations, there are three or four Pinocchios.

For Trump, was introduced a new category – the “bottomless Pinocchio”. This is awarded when a three-or four-Pinocchios-documented false claim was repeated at least 20 Times. Trump received the “bottomless Pinocchio” is already 21 Times. “He injected intentionally false information in the national discussion,” writes the Washington Post. (SDA)