Stephanie Grisham, who has been rather invisible on the record which Trumps the spokesperson, must be the chief of staff of the Melania.

The us president, the Donald Trumps spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, leaving his job after barely a year in office.

It shall notify The White House on Tuesday, according to the news agencies dpa and Reuters.

Grisham should instead be the spokesperson and chief of staff of the UNITED states’first lady, Melania Trump.

As the presidential spokesperson has Grisham been relatively invisible, writes Reuters.

unlike some of his predecessors, including Sean Spicer and Sarah Sanders, has Grisham not held a single press conference in The White House in the time she has been employed.

However, she has given tv interviews to, in particular, the conservative Fox News, writes dpa.

instead, the press conferences are increasingly being held by the president himself. It is also the case under the current coronakrise.

Grisham has previously said that she believes that the president is best placed to speak for themselves.

She announces, according to AFP news agency, that there will be the name of her successor “in the coming days”.

the New York Times writes that Kayleigh McEnany, which today is a spokesperson for the Trumps, in this campaign, will take over the post after Grisham’s departure. it is not yet confirmed from official team.

recently is put a new chief of staff in The White House in the form of Mark Meadows. He is also expected to have a role in identifying the new spokesperson for the president, writes dpa.