Trump's lawyer: in recent years, the United States has become too busy for impeachment

Lawyer Donald trump Kenneth Starr during the hearings in the U.S. Senate called the impeachment of war and hell.

According to the lawyer, in recent decades the United States has become too many cases to impeachment of the President.

Starr said that Clinton and Nixon had committed crimes, and impeachment was justified. At the same time, according to Starr, the tramp is innocent.

“Like war, impeachment is hell. Or, at least, impeachment of the President is hell. Those of us who lived through the Clinton impeachment, including members of this chamber are well aware that the impeachment of the President is tantamount to civil war, but fortunately, thanks to our beloved first amendment to the Constitution, a war of words and war of ideas. It is full of anger and divides the country like nothing else. And those who saw with their own eyes the impeachment of Clinton, understand that.”