Donald Trump wants to buy the Danes in Greenland. The idea of the President is currently the screamer in the United States. Whether in the Late-Night Shows, in the office or on the tennis court – all joking about Trumps ridiculous purchase intentions.

it all Started with an article in the “Wall Street journal” just a week ago: Out of the blue, the US newspaper reported that Trump had mused in the past, more or less serious about the purchase of Greenland.

confirmed As President on Sunday of his intent to purchase, the Story really travel. The local online portals, Newspapers and TV stations had found her topic of the week. From an article a dozen debates, a short television report as a whole.

The victims? The families of the victims of the shootings in El Paso, Texas (22 Dead) and Dayton, Ohio (9 Dead). It is not even three weeks ago, when the country was shaken by two terrible Shot massacres.

Trump wanted to Seriously

the discussion in the week afterwards, once more, about the increasing gun violence. Trump, was made because of his rhetoric on Twitter for the shootings of political opponents responsible, rushed straight in. He pretended to want to finally have a meaningful and useful weapons of reforms by the Congress to bring.

“Background Checks” (translated: background checks) was the solution of the Trump. Mentally ill persons could acquire, in theory, no more weapons legally. About 90 percent of Americans are in favour of such a law – was the fact it is yet still never.

But this time it should work finally. Even the head of his party, including the Republican Senate leader, Mitch McConnell, is now “totally on Board,” said Trump two weeks ago, proud. Further discussions, he was stuck. The debates would then be at the beginning of September in the Senate led. Until then, the senators stay in the summer holidays.

Presidential u-turn because of Greenland Show

Not so optimistic is a political scientist, I was able to interview in mid-August on the topic expressed. He said in VIEW: “Up in September, momentum has slowed behind this theme well. I doubt, therefore, that the Republicans want to get Serious.”

Unfortunately, he was right.

Trump was on the phone on Tuesday with the influential head of the US weapons lobby, the NRA. He withdrew his call for stricter background checks of weapons purchasers.

returns But of Trumps would have noticed the vast majority of the citizens nothing. The weapons laws are now probably all of the Old will remain, under the presidential Greenland-Show total. Even the U.S. media are to blame.

Unfortunately, the Americans are going to experience prosperity sooner, as dear to you is in for a rude awakening. Namely, when the next child to be shot by a Maniac. Greenland will then belong to especially still to Denmark.