Trump will try to convince the Americans to leave him in the post

the U.S. Senate has determined the final date of voting on the impeachment of the Trump. Is 5 Feb. The trump impeachment was personally involved in a little — worked his lawyers — and has devoted himself increasingly to international Affairs, announcing two deals. The first trade agreement with China, which lays a direct confrontation. Second, the so — called “deal of the century”, joint with Israel offer Palestine on the format of its state. Palestine sharply disagreed.

the Impeachment of the Americans tired. The ratings of the broadcasts from the Senate lower and lower. A week ago the process was watched by 11 million, now the screens barely gain 4 million viewers. To spark the interest of trying new faces.

“I sent the amendment, that the testimony should have been called additional witnesses Malvani, Bolton, Duffy, Blair — and must be submitted to the documents of the White house, Department of defense, Department of state,” said Chuck Schumer, the leader of the democratic minority in the Senate.

Pour on a Republican President a couple of buckets of dirt party is not allowed. In the Senate they have a majority, and a key amendment to summon witnesses is rejected, albeit with a difference of just two votes: 49 — 51. The Democrats understand that this is almost certainly the end of the epic with impeachment.

“If the President will be acquitted without witnesses, without documents, then the acquittal would not have legal force. America will be remembered with regret the day, when the Senate gave to speak to witnesses, did not allow the truth to be spoken. This is a huge tragedy,” said Schumer.

the Sad mask put not all. While the chef Kamala Harris in front of the cameras talked about a national tragedy, Congresswoman laughed. Then, as the guilty schoolgirl, got a withering look.

Not in the Senate, so in the pages of his book, was able to talk to John Bolton. Manuscripts of the former adviser to trump on thsecurity was in The New York Times. The President allegedly asked the diplomat “dig” for it in Kiev, the dirt on the rival Democrat Biden. The white house on Twitter joked: removing the “hawk” Bolton, who saved the world from “the sixth world war.”

journalists are fighting with the leadership of the Senate. More than 60 American publications signed a letter in which you complain too hard, in which drove anyone who needs to illuminate the process.

In the normal accreditation in the us Congress — both foreign and American journalists — was enough to work on the impeachment hearings, yet they passed in the lower house. Now, when the case was submitted to the chamber top, you need to get an additional pass in order to move through the corridors of the Senate, and one individual — to get directly to the room where the process takes place. Cameras, phones — any technique — banned.

That the defendant Lev Parnas — businessman of Ukrainian immigrants, who also was going to testify against trump, on Capitol hill came, but to come into the room because of the gadget, which usually hang criminals. Parnassus said that he would not be allowed in the room with this bracelet on his leg, so he did not even try to come inside.

Impeachment is literally chained to a Congress of senators. They — the first major primaries in Iowa, but instead of the propaganda we have to stand at the hearings in Washington. Socialist Sanders, who, incidentally, against the rich and for the environment, found a solution to at least a couple of hours, but to get in such an important presidential race in the state. Was going to use a private jet.

His colleague Elizabeth Warren to rent a plane did not. Remained in the capital and the site sent my dog. Sanchez at Iowa Retriever was clearly to their liking.

Choice for himself campaigning the former us Vice-President Biden. He’s in Iowa at 2-3 meetings daily and a good chance to win the first primaries. Gathers haters of trump. Biden calls him a bully, not a politician.

But the President toured the rivals during his visit to Iowa. “Oh, this is Joe. He’s always confusing the names. How many times has he missed? In Iowa, he said how to be healthy in Ohio. This candidate all call the mayor Pete because no one can pronounce his name,” said trump.

for Himself trump, of course, were flawless. The perfect negotiator who bathed in applause at the presentation of the peace plan for resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

“I have a lot to do for the Palestinians. Don’t applaud. That would be unfair. I want this deal was beneficial to the Palestinians. This is a historic opportunity to gain their own independent state. This possibility may be,” said trump.

the Most Pro-Israel President in U.S. history to the Palestinians, if not threatened, then certainly threatened. Clearly hinting at the plan better agree. They, at first, to promise statehood. And another 50 billion dollars on the development of regions where it is now, but sand, no nothing.

With Gaza and the West Bank will tie the bridges, tunnels. There are outlets to the ports, but there is no capital in Jerusalem. The ancient city remains unchallenged in Israel. Israel will de facto control the Jordan valley with its fertile lands and its settlements. Not for nothing “deal of the century” many called “deal of hatred”, where allies of the White house — almost all and opponents of the allies — almost nothing.

“peace plan demands that we not engage in an international organization renounced sovereignty over the territories, from international decisions, while the occupation authorities demolished the homes of Palestinians to build new settlements. I will never accept an American peace plan,” — said Mahmoud Abbas, President of the palesTina.

Portraits of trump’s burned, even though he promised to open in a new Palestinian state by the American Embassy. The city has chosen not Jerusalem itself, and the margins of the ancient city.

the Evil Palestinians could vent to nearest neighbors. The Israelis threw stones, blazing the tires. Palestinians to the development of the plan were not invited. Newspapers in eager rivalry write that this document is from overseas — a lifeline not to the region, and personally to Trump and Netanyahu.

“the Prime Minister of Israel on the March in the run-up to the March elections. Netanyahu convinces Israelis that they should ignore his allegations of corruption. And the President trump tries to win in court on the impeachment. He is in the midst of the presidential campaign, declaring Jerusalem the undivided capital of Israel, and, of course, enormous political success among conservative Jews and evangelicals of America,” writes The New York Times.

a Vote on impeachment will be held February 5 — the date was chosen in consultation with the trump. 4th his annual address to Congress. Topic: the great return of America. Optimistic speech which should convince the country that the 45th President of the USA does not need to be deprived of office, and should re-elect him for a second term.

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