Former candidate for the US presidency MITT Romney has accused the incumbent U.S. leader Donald trump of corruption due to the fact that trump has reduced the prison sentence to his former Advisor Roger stone. About that Romney wrote in his Twitter.

“Unprecedented historic corruption: us President softens the sentence of a person convicted by a jury for false protection of the President”, — he said. This decision trump will allow former Advisor to avoid prison.

The message has gained more than 110 thousand retweets and more than 36 thousand comments. So, the Director, and blogger Robby Starbuck said ironically that Romney’s mad because he will never be President.

25 January 2019 stone was arrested on seven criminal charges. The same day he was released on bail in the amount of 250 thousand dollars. Adviser accused, in particular, the compromising Democrats, which ultimately allowed Trump to win the presidential race.

A month later, stone was sentenced to three years and four months in prison. He got 40 months for false testimony to Congress and 12-18 months for the other six criminal episodes in which he was found guilty.