Trump wants to LIBERATE states under strict stay at home orders over Covid 19 outbreak

US President Donald Trump called for multiple states governed by Democrats to be ‘liberated’ from strict stay-at-home orders. The vague message earned heated reactions, with everyone reading their own meaning into it.

Trump called on residents of Minnesota, Michigan, and Virgina to “liberate” their states, according to a tweetstorm sent out on Friday.



LIBERATE VIRGINIA, and save your great 2nd Amendment. It is under siege!

The president’s call for liberation came only minutes after Fox News aired a segment on protests in all three states against lockdown orders.

Minutes after a Fox News segment on a protest against social distancing measures outside the Minnesota governor’s office, by conservative “Liberate Minnesota” group, Trump tweets “LIBERATE MINNESOTA!”Left, Fox’s America’s Newsroom, 11:19 a.m.Right, Trump, 11:21 a.m.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer responded to a protest attended by thousands this week in her state by saying the “irresponsible actions” may lead to extensions on the orders.

WATCH: Gov. Whitmer tells @Maddow that Wednesday’s protest at Michigan’s Capitol is the “kind of irresponsible action that puts us in this situation where we might have to actually think about extending stay-at-home orders, which is supposedly what they protesting.”

In his tweet about Virginia, the president mentions “2nd amendment rights” being “under siege,” which could refer to the state enacting stricter gun laws or the fact that Governor Ralph Northam (D) has faced harsh criticism from gun rights groups for closing indoor gun ranges and limiting business for gun shops, all in the name of stopping the spread of Covid-19.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League, a pro-second amendment group, is threatening to sue Northam, claiming his orders violate constitutional rights.

The White House unveiled its guidelines for reopening the country after a month-long shutdown that has crippled the economy and caused 22 million Americans to lose their jobs. While the US has over 670,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, as well as over 33,000 deaths, the pandemic has not caused the projected collapse of the healthcare system.

Trump’s cryptic tweets have left both conservatives and liberals wondering what exactly Trump meant by them.

“I want to know what he means by ‘liberate.’ Does he mean go back to work with social distancing if you are at low risk? Does he mean go ahead and buy seeds in Michigan? Does he mean spit on each other?” Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro tweeted in reaction to the president.

I want to know what he means by “liberate.” Does he mean go back to work with social distancing if you are at low risk? Does he mean go ahead and buy seeds in Michigan? Does he mean spit on each other?

Liberals have been predictably more triggered, with some blaming the president for lockdown orders and others suggesting he is urging “gun violence” in the previously mentioned states.

“LIBERATE AMERICA from Trump’s failure to come up with a plan for testing,” tweeted Jon Favreau, speechwriter for former President Barack Obama.

LIBERATE AMERICA from Trump’s failure to come up with a plan for testing.

“Seriously trying to force gun violence into this,” added gun control advocate Fred Guttenberg.

LIBERATE AMERICA you degenerate peice of sh-t. Seriously trying to force gun violence into this. I got kicked out of your crappy State Of The Union speech the last time you said that lie. You IMPOTENT, Incompetent thug. This country will fire you and elect @JoeBiden President!

Atlantic staff writer Adam Serwer accused the president of being a Nazi.

The “LIBERATE” stuff makes no sense outside of a herrenvolk ideology, where a majority of actual citizens is meaningless because only the Volk, represented by its Leader, can offer legitimacy. If you’re not a Real American or their anointed you don’t matter.

While NeverTrumper and failed challenger in the 2020 Republican primary Joe Walsh said Trump was “inciting violence” and threatening the lives of governors, demanding he be removed from office.

Trump’s tweets aren’t funny. This isn’t “Trump being Trump.” The President of the United States is encouraging civil unrest. He’s inciting violence. He’s threatening the lives of governors. His words here must be condemned by EVERYONE. And then it’s time for the 25th Amendment.

While the federal government is still recommending social distancing measures and lockdown procedures for at least the rest of April, Trump has expressed his displeasure with the near-complete economic shutdown, saying he wants to start reopening the country beginning in May.

“We are starting [the] rejuvenation of our economy again,” the president said on Thursday, adding we have “passed the peak in new cases.” 

Trump himself said every state faces unique challenges in battling against Covid-19, so the decision to relax the lockdowns will be at the discretion of governors. His “liberate” tweets suggest he intends to pressure any governors who drag their feet in reopening their states, however.

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