Hardly an arrest of a musician threw in the past years, such high waves like A$AP Rocky (30). The Rapper is currently in Swedish custody. During his tour of Europe, an American, was involved in a brawl, he should have beaten his Team a man. The lawyer of Rocky, however, says that the Rap Star has only fought back. Nevertheless, the Rapper is sitting now since 3. July in detention, the Swedish Prosecutor’s office accuses him and two members of his Entourage assault.

rocky’s incarceration especially in the USA to Talk to. Numerous musicians, among other things, G-Easy (30), Justin Bieber (25) and Nicki Minaj (36), calling for the release of the young musician. Now the American President is strengthening him, even the back. Like Donald Trump (73) on Twitter announced, work his government is currently working to get Rocky out of jail. To him, Rap Star Kanye West (42) have moved. “I’ve just spoken to Kanye West about the detention of his friend A$AP Rocky. I will be able to do is to call the very talented Prime Minister of Sweden, to see what we can to help A$AP Rocky. So many people would like to see that this case is solved quickly,” tweeted the head of state.

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo picks up a

Earlier, US media reported that West’s wife Kim Kardashian (38) in the case of trump’s son Jared Kushner (38) son-in-law have reported to have forwarded the concern then. How “TMZ” reported, have Trump, then US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo (55) tasked with solving the case. Up to now, the Intervention of the U.S. government, however, showed no effect. A$AP Rocky sits still in custody. (klm)