President of the United States Donald trump vetoed a congressional resolution, which was to limit the powers of the American leader in the use of armed forces against Iran. About it reports a press-service of the White house.

“I vetoed a resolution that tasked him to prescribe me to stop the use of U.S. Armed forces in combat against Iran,” cited the statement of the trump in the message.

trump also called the resolution “offensive” and created by the Democrats to divide the camp of the Republicans to avoid winning trump in the upcoming November presidential election.

to overcome a presidential veto, Congress must vote by two-thirds, however it is very unlikely that in the legislature there are enough opponents of anti-Iranian veto.

the Resolution was adopted by Congress almost two months ago, in the Wake of acute confrontation between Washington and Tehran in the beginning of the year after the murder of General Qassem Soleimani and counter missile strikes from Iran on military bases in Iraq, which housed American military personnel. But then parliamentarians went on a forced vacation because of the coronavirus, and sending the resolution to the White house was postponed.

Ahead already discernible the outlines of a new escalation between the US and Iran. In October, Washington imposed expires the period of the embargo to supply Iran with weapons. The administration of the trump intends to extend the ban, while Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has promised a “crushing response” if it does happen.