More than two million doses of vaccine against a new type of coronavirus ready for distribution, if medical tests prove its effectiveness and safety. On Friday was announced by the President of the United States Donald trump, speaking to reporters.

According to the White house, in the field of vaccines achieved great success. Now over products from COVID-19 there are eight U.S. companies, writes TASS. The President also pointed to “very positive surprises” in this work.

Previously, trump said that 11 of January, the American scientists began work on creating a vaccine against coronavirus. He also expressed the hope that it will be ready by the end of this year.

In may, one of the American companies involved in the development of a vaccine against coronavirus has already been said about the positive completion of phase I clinical trials. Testing began in the USA in April with the participation of volunteers. Experts said that after the drug administration, a number of antibodies depending on the dose or than the rate in the blood of people who recover from COVID-19, or was at the same level.