A video showing a parade of horse-drawn buggies flying Trump 2020 and American flags has taken social media by storm – though some have cried ‘fake news’, questioning why the Amish would back a reality TV star as president.

The clip, which showed several horses trotting along with Amish-style buggies in tow, flags flapping in the breeze somewhere in Pennsylvania, was initially posted to Twitter on Monday night. A sizable Amish contingent reportedly showed up for at least one of the president’s rallies in the state.

You know it’s going to be a landslide when the Amish start to rally and create their own Trump Train 😎🇺🇸

Amish support for President Trump🇺🇸

While the Amish are not known for holding strong political allegiances, ninety percent of registered Amish voters are Republicans, and Trump has made a point of reaching out to them. He met with one group at the White House in January and praised the craftsmanship of “the Pennsylvania Dutch” during a rally in Lititz, Pennsylvania last week as several Amish-looking young men stood behind him.

Listen to this Trump riff on the Amish: “We have Pennsylvania Dutch…They’re great people…Pennsylvania Dutch are voting en masse…Hard workers, incredible craftsmen. You’ve done work for me over the years, I’ll tell ya. They can throw up a barn in about two days”

They can throw up a barn in about two days,” the president marveled after observing that the hardworking Amish don’t want to elect “a guy who sleeps all day in a basement” – a pointed dig at his Democratic rival Joe Biden, who made a bare minimum of public appearances over the last eight months. 

Many on social media interpreted the buggy-train as a sign that Trump had a serious “silent majority” waiting in the wings to deliver victory, with many spreading the rumor that the Amish had “registered their WOMEN to vote for the first time.” A pro-Trump PAC called Amish PAC has been working since mid-2019 to build support for Trump’s reelection in southeastern Pennsylvania.

I’m here for it!! The enthusiasm for trump is unlike I’ve ever seen for any candidate. Period.

I’m guessing these people didn’t respond to pollsters either.

Others figured if the Amish couldn’t deliver victory themselves, they could at least enforce it.

@CholeraFan when the Amish are getting down on Trump like this, Americans are dead serious 😂

Amish have gone gangster. Don’t underestimate the Amish. They have their own mafia.

However, not everyone was sold on the “Amish go for Trump” narrative. Several questioned what the modernity-loving billionaire candidate would have to offer to believers in a simpler style of life… 

Can someone please explain to me why the Amish would ever consider supporting/voting Trump?

…while others pointed out that the Amish vote was little more than a rounding error next to the entire population of Pennsylvania.

Yeah. ‘Cos the Amish are the biggest demographic in PA. Oh, no, wait. They’re not even biggest demographic in Lancaster County.

Narrator: this is not, in fact, indicative of a landslide

Trump supporters have found allies in unlikely quarters, as some tweeters reminded nervous voters on election day. An order of nuns, certain rappers, and some groups of Orthodox Jews have defied expectations to make their support for the president public. 

Trump has the Amish, Lil Pump, Nuns, Kanye West, Farmers, Lil Wayne, Police and Small Business owners. Amazing.

Correction:Trump has the Amish, the rappers, the gays, the ranchers, the Latinos, the cops, and the Nuns (Praying the Rosary for this madhouse).Tears of laughter are rolling down my face and I can’t wait for four more years of this wild American family working together.

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