“I would like to see the UNITED states again hurries away for easter.”

so says the u.s. president Donald Trump in a brand new interview with the tv channel Fox News.

In the interview, underlines the Trump, that the UNITED states does not shut down because of the flu, even though many thousands die of the disease. And therefore, the president has chosen the date 12. april to reopen the kæmpelandet.

Herewith, says the u.s. president once again many of its own experts against it.

According to several of the doctors, who every day advises Donald Trump and vice president Mike Pence, has coronavirussen in the UNITED states is far from reached its peak.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who directs the corona-efforts from The White House, among others, believes that the restrictions should last for over two months.

on Tuesday, topping the UNITED states of 50,000 coronapatienter. A good half of these live in New York city.

And the state governor Andrew Coumo share certainly not Donald Trumps optimism.

“Coronavirussen’re going to hit US like a runaway freight train. And already next week we are going to run out of many of the most important aids,” said Cuomo at a pressekonferrence in New York City.

During the interview with Fox News reminded the journalist Bill Hammer the president on, that the epidemic may be far worse. And it replied Donald Trump:

“the Cure can be worse than the disease. And I think, frankly, that even more will die if we continue this shutdown.”

In the u.s. senate worked politicians late in the evening on the promised aid package to help both american companies and american workers.