President of the United States Donald trump spoke about the status of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN at a briefing in the White house, reports TASS.

According to the American President, he has a precise idea of how you feel right now Kim Jong-UN. “But I can’t really say on the subject,” he said. Then trump expressed the hope that the North Korean leader “all right.”

Speaking to reporters, he suggested that information about Kim Jong Yne will be known “in a not very compres-Sion the future.”

the Evening of 25 April the Chinese social network Weibo appeared a message from the Vice-Director of Hong Kong television HKSTV about the death of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. She referred to the “very solid source”. The sources reported that Kim is in a vegetative state after heart surgery, other indications that he is alive and well, but the public has not yet appeared.

Kim Jong-UN to April 11, does not appear in public. In this regard, there has been some speculation about the health. 15 APR politician missed the celebration of the birth of Kim Il sung. The absence in the ranks of the leadership of the main national holiday has fueled speculation about a possible illness of Kim Jong-UN, who currently do not comment on officials and media of the DPRK.