Trump spoke about the

President of the United States Donald trump and Chinese President XI Jinping discussed the situation with the pandemic coronavirus on the phone.

On Twitter, the U.S. leader called talking. Trump and si discussed in detail coronavirus and its rapid spread across the planet.

“China went through this and has made great progress in understanding the virus. We work closely together,” said trump.

In his turn, XI Jinping said that China is ready to cooperate with other countries, including the United States, an effective response to the pandemic. It is reported by TASS referring to the Xinhua news Agency.

“the International community will be able to win the coronavirus only by joint efforts”, — said XI Jinping.

the spread of the coronavirus began with the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019. According to the latest data already infected more than 460 thousand people worldwide. USA came in first place for confirmed cases. COVID-19 sick more than 81 thousand died, more than 1170 people.