Who is the Whistleblower that brought the Ukraine affair to Donald Trump rolling? This question deals with the US Republicans. Many party members have demanded in the past, information about the anonymous informant, the proceedings against the U.S. President stands at the beginning of the Impeachment.

Now want to know Donald Trump Junior (41), the eldest son of the President, to whom it is. He spread on Wednesday, the alleged identity of the – in his family – so hated Whistleblower on Twitter. Accordingly, it is an analyst of the foreign intelligence service, the CIA.

by The Trump-son-called Name been circulating for weeks on the Internet. The Tweet from Trump junior, the Name was widely used now, for the first time from the immediate vicinity of the President to the public. In the US authorities, strict rules apply to protect the identity of the so-called whistle-blowers, reporting on the designated official channels on internal grievances.

for these reasons, LOOK at the closing of the prestigious US media and does not want to name the Trump Junior common name.

counsel for the informant reacts

The lawyer Andrew Bakaj, representing the Ukraine, informants, did not want to comment on whether the Trump Junior called Name is true or not. He said, however, that the said government employee and his family would be raised by the attribution in danger. Bakaj had already expressed in the past few weeks, “serious Concerns” for the safety of his client.

Trump tried for weeks to destroy the credibility of the informant. He is under party political motives. “There is no Whistleblower. There is someone with an Agenda against Donald Trump,” tweeted the President on Monday.

the facts in The Ukraine affair,

The Whistleblower had internal Alarm because of a phone conversation between Trump and the President of Ukraine Volodimir Selenski (41) of 25. July hit the stands in the centre of the affair. The Democrats accuse the President to have his office abused, so that the Ukrainian government not to interfere in his favour in the election campaign.

it is a fact that Trump has Selenski during a telephone conversation on the 25. July asked, investigations against the Biden’s to initiate. It is unclear whether the US President, coupled with the previously suspended military aid to the Ukraine to meet this requirement – this would then be a so-called “Quid pro quo”.

For a “Quid pro quo” that Trump had asked in the phone interview, Selenski explicitly to a “Like”. His chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney (52) admitted in a press conference in mid-October that the back to hold the military aid as a means of pressure have been thought to achieve investigations. And also the statements of U.S. Ambassador Gordon Sondland (62) and William Taylor (72), the business leading the US Ambassador in Kiev, suggests a “Quid pro quo”.

The time of the Ukraine affair 25 bar. July – The phone

U.S. President Donald Trump (73) and Ukraine’s President Wolodomir Selenski (41) calls for approximately 30 minutes.

The conversation is recorded from the White house.

Five days before this phone call, so at the 20. July 2019, set Trump, temporarily, of military aid in the amount of nearly 400 million dollars to the Ukraine.

12. August – The Whistleblower complaint

A secret service employee submits a complaint about the phone call to inspector General Michael Atkinson (61).

Atkinson classifies this as a “credible and urgent matter”.

19. September

The intelligence Committee of the house of representatives is on the complaint

stay informed, It transpires that the complaint revolves around the Ukraine: Trump should have put the Ukrainian President under pressure.

24. September – Democrats to start Impeachment proceedings

house of representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi (79) announces an Impeachment process.

25. September

The White house released a souvenir log of the phone call: Trump asked Selenski, among other things, an investigation against his political rival Joe Biden (76) and his son Hunter (49) to initiate, Trump corruption in the Ukraine to accuse.

Selenski and Trump meet at the UN General Assembly in New York.

Selenski says he was not put under pressure.

26. September

The Congress published the Whistleblower complaint.

The Whistleblower learned of the telephone conversation second-Hand.

3. October

Trump calls on China live on TV, to launch an investigation against the Biden family.

8. October

The White house announced, to block any cooperation in the investigation against Trump.

17. October

Gordon Sondland, U.S. Ambassador to the EU, says before the competent committees of the house of representatives. It is Trump to have him and other diplomats instructed his private attorney Rudy Giuliani to work together.

22. October

The business, leading the US Ambassador in Kiev, William Taylor, charged Trump hard. According to his statements, the US President stopped the military aid to the Ukraine to force the country’s investigation against the Bidens to.

23. October

riots in the US Congress: About 30 Republicans to storm a meeting and stop for five hours, the statement of Laura Cooper, a high-level Pentagon employee. The Republican members complained that they were excluded from the hearing.

4. November

The transcripts of the hearings in connection with the Impeachment proceedings against Trump will now be published, as the house of representatives has decided.

5. November

Gordon Sondland, the U.S. Ambassador to the EU in Brussels, has supplemented his statement of two weeks ago. And the add-on has it all: Sondland, has now confirmed that the Trump-government Biden, the disbursement of military assistance to Kiev directly from Ukrainian investigations against Joe and his son Hunter depending on the has made.

6. November

The oldest son of U.S. President Donald Trump has been spreading the alleged identity of the anonymous informant who had brought the Ukraine affair rolling. Accordingly, it is an analyst of the foreign intelligence service, the CIA, such as from a message from Donald Trump junior on Twitter shows.