trump demanded that the company ByteDance to get rid of assets in the United States associated with the application TikTok. The text is signed by the American leader of the document was circulated by the press service of the White house. The decision of the President of the United States argued threats to national security.

“the decree prohibits the acquisition ByteDance, which is the owner of TikTok, music service To abandon the assets and to transfer the personal data of American users, the company is given 90 days,” with reference to the source RIA Novosti reported.

Specifies that ByteDance held a merger of their application TikTok with the social network and created a single platform for social networks. Following the execution of the decree ByteDance must in writing report to the Committee on foreign investment, the document says.

Meanwhile, the portal TechCrunch reported that this Chinese social network is only slightly inferior to the popularity of YouTube. Conclusions are made after analyzing the data, almost 60 thousand families from the USA, UK and Spain. Analysts say that the time spent on TikTok, increased in proportion to the spread of the coronavirus. For example, in the United States average TikTok uses 95 minutes per day, and YouTube is 97 minutes.