Trump saw the drop in oil prices to fully fill the reserves

President of the United States Donald trump saw the drop in oil prices to fully fill national reserves. He announced this at a news briefing at the White house, reports TASS.

“due To the record low price of oil, you see, we are filling our national oil reserves , the strategic reserves. We expect to spend up to 75 million barrels in storage, it will fill them. For the first time in a long time he is completed, we get it for the right price,” — said the American leader.

the Maximum amount of the strategic petroleum reserve is 713,5 million barrels. It was created in 1975 after the world energy crisis in case of new emergency. Currently four repositories in salt formations contains about 635 million barrels of oil.

Earlier it was reported that us crude set a record negative value. April 20 at 21:32 Moscow time the price of WTI fell to near minus 40 dollars per barrel.

a Decline in prices due to concerns about the overflow of American tanks. It was noted that the value of may contracts for delivery of WTI dropped to the lowest level since the end of last century. Private Texas company started to sell raw materials at two dollars. Experts do not exclude that the situation will worsen, and producers begin to pay customers to take the oil.