Trump said on

President of the United States Donald trump repeated the comment that he made during a press conference at the White house, only this time at himself on the page on the social network Twitter, despite the many critical messages about the response of his administration.

writes Mediaite, trump made a false assertion that he had always considered the coronavirus outbreak as a pandemic, despite the fact that he said the exact opposite a few weeks ago.

amid the surprise of many journalists so bold a statement trump has raised the stakes, saying that he was “always very serious about the Chinese virus and from the beginning did a very good job.”

“I always was very serious about the Chinese virus and from the beginning has done a very good job, including my very early decision to close the “border” with China despite the wishes of others” — wrote the President of the United States on his page.

the New York Times has compiled a simple list of what President trump actually said about the outbreak of coronavirus in the past two months:

on January 22, the CNBC reporter’s question whether there are “concerns about the pandemic,” the President said, “No, not at all. We have complete control. Only one person who comes from China, and we have everything under control. All will be well.”

on 26 February at a press conference in the White house, commenting on the first reports of cases in the country: “we will soon Have a total of five people (sick). Over the next short period of time we may have only one or two cases. So we were very lucky.”

on 27 February at a meeting of the White house: “It (the disease) will disappear. One day is like a miracle, it will disappear.”

March 7, standing next to the President of Brazil Jairam of Bolsonaro, when asked whether he is concerned about the fact that the virus is moving close to Washington, trump said, “No, I’m not concerned. No, we have done a great job.”

After the meeting, at least three members of the Brazilian delegation, was discovered coronavirus.

March 16 briefing at the White house, trump said that the outbreak will take place this summer, “So it can happen in that period of time when she, I say, will be washed away. Other people don’t like this term. But it will pass”.