President of the United States Donald trump during a speech at a rally in Tulsa (Oklahoma) commented on the widespread media reports that he may have Parkinson’s disease.

Speculation about possible illnesses American leader emerged after his speech at the military Academy in West point. Journalists noticed that the tramp, holding up a glass with water, held it second hand, and then down the sloping ramp, went rigid, almost holding his accompanying military.

According to trump, he wore shoes with leather soles that are heavily slid on the steel ramp. “I said General, I will not be able to get there without falling on the “fifth point”, – quotes RIA Novosti the White house. The glass of water he was holding with the other hand, in order not to throw an expensive silk tie. “If water is spilled on a tie, it will not be long to look good. Honestly, the tie will never be the same”, – said the President.

trump also lamented that none of the media did not praise him for a good speech or great speech.