Trump remained without growth

the US Market has lost all growth, held during the presidency of Donald trump. Thus, the S&P 500 fell to lows since the beginning of 2017, when took place the inauguration of the President, and the Dow Jones has fallen to levels of autumn of 2017, when trump just won the election.

This is important, because the history has not been the case when the American President was reelected for a second term in a falling market.

Add, while the senators cannot come to an agreement on help the economy, the fed flooded the markets with money. Earlier in the framework of emergency meetings, it has reduced the rate to zero, and before the regulator announced the launch of unlimited quantitative easing, and the fed will purchase not only government and mortgage bonds but also corporate. So far, however, the effect of fed actions is not impressive.

emerging markets are also the situation is deplorable. They are faced with a record outflow of capital. During the crisis associated with the spread of the novel coronavirus, investors withdrew from emerging markets $83 billion, stated the head of the IMF Kristalina Georgieva after a telephone conference with the Finance Ministers of “big twenty.”