today, The 75-Year-old columnist, E. Jean Carroll accuses US President Trump to have you over two decades ago in the dressing room of a Department store raped. Trump denies the allegations, now for the umpteenth Time: “I’m not going to say it with great respect: first of all, she’s my type,” says Trump of the policy-Website “The Hill” on Monday about the columnist E. Jean Carroll. “Secondly, it never happened. It never happened, okay?” Carroll would be “total lies”.

today, The 75-Year-old claims the sexual assault occurred in 1995 or 1996. She writes about it in her new book, from the magazine “New York”, published last week, excerpts. So at least 16 women Trump sexual misconduct prior to the throw, in the meantime, behavior prior to his time as US President.

Carroll reiterated their allegations on Monday in a U.S. news channel CNN. “It was a struggle,” she said. Trump to respond to your allegation, just as he had responded to previous accusations from other women: “He denies it. He turns it on. He attacks. And he’s threatening.” (SDA/noo)