Now the dispute threatens the trade to run completely out of control: After China had announced on Friday afternoon new punitive tariffs against the United States strikes back Donald Trump now.

Shortly after the close of trading on the New York stock exchange on Friday evening, the US President announced on Twitter that he is going to increase the punitive tariffs on products from China.

in Concrete terms, The duty rate on Chinese Goods to the value of 250 billion dollars is increasing, according to Trump 1. October from 25 percent to 30 percent. At the same time, the rest of the imports by $ 300 billion as of 1 to. September will be busy with a 15 percent tariff.

Trump calls China’s punitive tariffs “politically motivated,”

Donald Trump makes on Twitter no secret of the fact that his re-raise of the tariffs is a revenge act. He writes: “China would be allowed to levy no new customs duties on US products in the amount of 75 billion dollars (politically motivated!).”

Thus, the prospects verdüsteren to an early agreement.

Black day on Wall Street

The day before trump’s official announcement was for the stock exchange dramatic enough. After the Chinese had announced new punitive tariffs, was the US President on Twitter. Investors reacted unsettled: The Dow Jones Index lost 623 points, which represents a decrease of 2.4 percent.

the Swiss stock exchange adopted with losses (-0,62 percent) for the weekend.