He stressed, however: “I think that we need them. I don’t really believe that.” The President described Iran as a “very dangerous player” and as a “Nation of terror”. He stressed, however, currently, there is no increase of U.S. troops in the Region was necessary. “But, if necessary, then we are going to be there – in which order of magnitude is also always necessary.”

in view of the crisis with Iran had been speculated about a deployment of additional U.S. troops in the Region. The business is a leading American defence Minister, Patrick Shanahan said Thursday at the Pentagon, the US could, in principle, to send more troops to the Middle East. To a specific number of Shanahan did not want to set but. He stressed, we must focus on the protection of soldiers who are already stationed in the Region. “Our task is deterrence. It’s not about war.”

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo told the TV station Fox News on Thursday: “you can be sure that President Trump will make sure that we have all the necessary resources for a response, should decide the Islamic Republic of Iran to Americans or American interests to attack.” Pompeo said the government in Tehran spread for 40 years of Terror. “And President of the Trump is determined to change the course of this regime.”

The situation in the Gulf region is because of a dispute between the two sides is currently very tense. The US Department of defense had sent an aircraft carrier and a bomber squadron in the Middle East and the reason for this, it’ll give hints on possible Iranian attacks on U.S. forces. The US and its close ally Saudi Arabia accuse Iran, conflicts in the Region, to fuel and support terrorism. Washington has Iran even with massive economic sanctions under pressure. (SDA)