US President Donald Trump has referred to the not for use against the Coronavirus approved Malaria drug Cloroquin as a possible “gift of God” in the fight against the Coronavirus. “Hydroxychloroquine and Z-Pak, I think this combination looks likely to be very, very good,” Trump said on Monday at a press conference, referring to the first Tests with the pharmaceuticals. Infectious disease specialists have warned the population in the meantime, before any non-prescribed medication.

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Already, last week, Trump had declared that his government intended to procure large quantities of hydroxy choroquin and chloroquine, to enable research for a drug for the Treatment of Coronavirus-induced lung disease Covid-19. At the first Try with the two substances in France and China had shown that Corona-responded patients on the drugs. Twitter/@NCDCgov The NCDC warns of the taking of chloroquine, as a patient with retinal toxicity is known.

A report by the NBC, according to Trumps of solved Statements to chloroquine in some of the U.S. citizens, however, false hopes. A woman from Arizona landed, therefore, after the intake of chloroquine in the hospital, her husband died of a poisoning by the drug.

The couple took chloroquine, because it thought it would protect against infection. Severely poisoned both of them came to the hospital, the man died a little later. Like “NBC News” reported the wife as the reason for taking the statements of Trumps.

one of Trumps only recently, a similar agent in your Koi Talk she had been reminded of fish to fight against parasites used to have. “Hey, isn’t that the stuff you see on TV have talked about it,” had asked the older woman. “We had to be afraid to get sick.” That’s why she had decided with her husband to swallow a small amount of the substance chloroquine phosphate, what is not the same as the Malaria drug, mixed with fluid down.

man dies in hospital wife

warns of similar cases Within twenty minutes of the first symptoms of poisoning had occurred. The Couple would become “dizzy and hot,” the woman had finally passed. To the emergency you have can settle, then she was turned over. Under severe shortness of breath the husband had been hospitalized and finally passed away.

The health services Banner Health reported on its web site the case of another man who died after taking chloroquine phosphate, which is commonly used for the cleaning of aquariums. His wife hovers, therefore, in danger of their lives.

sheep criticism of Trump

Banner Health has warned patients not to treat when symptoms of Covid-19 self-or own powerful supplements for protection against infection to take. In NIgeria, authorities warn of self-medication with the medium. Trumps statements had triggered a Run on the drug, it had been reported several cases of Poisoning.

scientists had practiced in the last weeks of sharp criticism of trump’s medication recommendations. Some fear the shortage of medicaments against tuberculosis of the Skin, and rheumatism, based on chloroquine, and hydroxychloroquine. The renowned US infectious disease Loge Anthony Fauci also stressed, the first large-scale clinical trials have to take place before the effectiveness of a drug is ensured.

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