Trump personally dealt with the participants of impeachment

Zilch turned out started by the Democrats impeached a Republican trump. At the first primaries in Iowa, where Democrats began to choose a presidential candidate, Obama’s former Vice-President Biden was only fourth, and first came to the candidate candidates Butyric and, as it is called in the States “socialist” Sanders. Both, by all measurements, Trump not competitors. So, prepare to four years application of the American selfishness? Trump your opponents trolls that will be for another time, and another. And really, who can kill tranism?

And Butyric, and Sanders took place at the edges. In the center of the stage put the favorite of the party leadership of Joe Biden. In Iowa he came in fourth and attacks all at once.

“the President wants to hang a label on each candidate. Bernie, I did not calls himself a social Democrat. I think it’s the label, which the President readily takes,” said Joe Biden, candidate for President of the SGA from the Democratic party.

For the White house it is almost a perfect opponent, which is easier to put on the shoulder.

“President trump believes that the socialist label won’t work. Socialism has destroyed the nation and he will not allow socialism to destroy the health care system of America. These attacks will continue if you become a candidate. Why Democrats should not worry? Because trump is lying all the time,” said Bernie Sanders, a candidate for the U.S. presidency from the Democratic party.

this tramp loves to answer numbers. Replied in North Carolina at a meeting with black voters. “Economic Renaissance” — as he calls what is happening in America. Over the Democrats, for whom a failure in the system of counting in Iowa was a disaster, trump openly mocks.

“I think they need again to blame Russia. If they can’t properly count the vote, how they will manage health care the United States?” – wrote Trump in his Twitter.

a Few posts above on Twitter, trump posted a video. The video is called “Powerful stories of Americans that Nancy Pelosi ripped to shreds”. Trump the text of the report, which destroyed the speaker of the lower house, spoke about the U.S. military, and record low unemployment.

“First of all it’s official documents, it is impossible from them to do so. What she did was illegal. Many of those who saw, could not believe it. I think it’s awful, it’s disrespectful towards the lower house and the country,” said trump.

Republicans have already filed a complaint with Pelosi. Other active participants in the impeachment of the number of officials trump knows personally. From the White house with things brought before the employee Council for national security of the United States born in the Ukraine, Colonel Alexander Vindman. And for one and his twin brother Eugene. I lost my job and US Ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sandland. He and wingman testified against trump.

the Resignation of the latter was immediately used in the debate Biden. He invited the audience to welcome ejected from the office of Colonel, but was raised only half of the hall. From impeachment tired even voters-Democrats, and nothing new their candidates to offer in return yet.