According to the Guardian, the us administration is going more aggressive approach to dealing with Russia and China over Arctic resources. The document contains a call to develop a plan within 60 days. Icebreaking fleet of the United States, according to the head of the White house, should include at least three heavy icebreakers, to be built by 2029. In addition, the recommendations relate to the creation of two new bases of support of the icebreaker fleet in the United States and two in foreign territory. The Pentagon is requested to suggest possible locations for future bases.

In the Memorandum it is proposed to consider all options for strengthening the U.S. presence in the Arctic, which cover “the full range of tasks of national and economic security, including the promotion of exploration and exploitation of resources, as well as the laying and maintenance of submarine cables”. “These options should determine the optimal number and type of polar icebreakers security to ensure permanent American presence in the Arctic, and, as appropriate, in the Antarctic regions”, – stated in the document.

the date is 2029, the year corresponds to the year when ships of the Coast guard, such as the medium icebreaker Healy and the Polar Star should be decommissioned. In April 2019, the Coast guard announced that it had signed a contract to 746 million dollars with VT Halter Marine of Mississippi, on the detailed design and construction of its polar boat safety – the first of the heavy icebreakers. According to a report by the research Service of the Congress, the Coast guard in the budget plan for 2021, which have been presented to the Capitol, made a commitment that will fully Fund the formation of a second polar boats security.

the Republican Senator from Alaska, Dan Sullivan, member of the Senate Committee on armed forces, calling on White house to send more military resources to the Arctic, said that the Memorandum trump “will add value” to ongoing efforts to increase Arctic presence the United States. “Our opponents are far ahead of the United States, when it comes to Arctic infrastructure. We have only one heavy and one medium polar icebreaker class,” said Sullivan, adding that he had submitted the draft law “On the strategic Arctic naval focus” to “develop the capabilities and locations required to support the permanent presence of the United States in the Arctic.” Note that at the February hearing before the Subcommittee on transportation security and Maritime security Deputy assistant Secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs Michael Murphy said that “the Northern flank of NATO must again draw the attention of the United States and their allies.”

meanwhile, experts of the militaryth portal Marine Corps Times noted that the U.S. is likely to expand its presence in the Arctic, closely collaborating with the authorities of Canada, Finland and Sweden. Finland, which claims that “designed around 80 percent of the world’s icebreakers” and produced “about 60 percent” of the world fleet, hoped for many years to enter the American market. Leasing possible can speed up the process for Helsinki. However, experts predict some problems with the Jones Act, which can complicate America direct purchase of the Finnish icebreaker in the future.