According to the results of the US presidential elections to be held in early November 2020, with a high probability of the victory of the Democratic candidate Joseph Biden. To such conclusion, in particular, the American history Professor Allan Lichtman, using a test system of “13 keys to the White house”.

Recall that Allan Lichtman is known that by performing such a prediction since 1984, eight times accurately predicted the winner of the race in the United States. Wrong in their forecasts the Professor only once, in 2000, when he expected to win the Democrat al Gore, but won the Republican George W. Bush. However, the Mountains then really could win the popular vote, if the U.S. Supreme court suddenly decided to stop recounting the votes of Florida, in connection with which the presidency went to George W. Bush. So the Professor insists that his initial forecast was accurate.

Millions of Americans got sick COVID-19

It is noteworthy that some Russian experts also believe that the White house will be Joseph Biden.

– In the history of America, never been to the candidate during the presidency which the US was immersed in economic crisis, won the election, recalled in an interview with “SP” associate Professor of financial markets and financial engineering of Ranhigs Sergei hestanov.

If the Democrats win, the rhetoric of Joe Biden has the potential to result in new anti-Russian sanctions. Much more rigid than it was before.

That the Democrats, if successful, their candidate in the elections will “tighten the screws” in our relationship, no doubt.

“How hard can it be U.S. policy towards Russia, if the new head of the White house will be Democrat Joe Biden?”, – asked “SP” the leading researcher of the Center for the study of security problems of the RAS, political scientist-americanist Konstantin Blokhin.

– This Donald trump understands that America is, in fact, now drained of blood. It objectively weakened, first, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, costing us taxpayers $ 8 trillion, and, secondly, the financial crisis of 2008 and the current coronavirus. Therefore, it is necessary to make the American economy more effective, agreeing with Russia. But this view is radically different from the views of Biden, whom the liberal elite of the United States perceives as the “new Obama”, on coming into the White house everything will fall back on your thumb rails.

And if he wins, then, in my opinion, the American political system will work smoothly as a Swiss watch. Close attention will be paid to just Russia and the whaleAyu, every effort will be thrown to the curb the two countries as the political elite of the United States has not yet emerged from the euphoria of the 90-ies, thinking that America is still an Empire. And if so, then it therefore must defend its area of influence, by continuing to Fund their allies. And the United States victorious March will continue to walk on the planet. Therefore, by the way, the original trump initiatives to improve relations with Russia and failed they were blocked by the U.S. Congress.

<a href = "SP": – That is a victory for Biden in the foreign policy of the United States returns the "laganovska"?

Well, rather, “alamudin”. That trump is positioning himself as a new Ronald Reagan. However, his approach to business, unlike rhetoric, yet pragmatic, neo-isolationism partly. But if Biden wins, then this is a direct attempt to maintain a unipolar political world. And the main foreign political course of America must be uncompromising against all the others.

Is globalism, this pax Americana, preserving the liberal world order. And who is the main obstacle to a global liberal order? First and foremost, this so-called revisionist powers – Russia and China. Therefore, says the American elite, it is necessary to push them hard.

<a href = "SP": – how we will crush Biden, Zasyad ' in the White house? Do with a position of military strength?

Well, directly in the military conflict with the us will not do as it is fraught with unpredictable results. Trump did not “go to war” not against North Korea, nor against Iran, nor even against Venezuela, which is generally at hand USA. And Russia and China are already at a different level of power. So all bets are off, I guess the sanctions and to the repetition of “trick”, which at the time managed to make Ronald Reagan – the “arms race” and attempt to undermine us economically. In parallel with the total demonization of Russia meddling in the election and all the other deadly sins. That, in fact, already happening.

But the basic rate will be made on our [internal] opposition. Which, as it must feel arising in our society because of what is happening protest and begin to undermine the situation from the inside. So we “fell” from the inside, as at the time of the Soviet Union.

well, if the forecast is an American Professor of history and this time will be true, by December, perhaps, America’s “end will hit” in Russia, as they say, all guns of the main fire. And barely our also bled the Russian economy the impact will be able to make without the regular heavy losses that have the potential to become critical. One can only hope that America, after the presidential election still is not up to us.

because of overpolarization American companies, said Konstantin Blokhin, the American ruling elite is now split into two camps, and if Joe Biden would win the presidential race, he, by and large, will be at the head of only half of America. Because, he said, as of now Biden is trying to mobilize the passive African-American electorate and to use a different strategy against trump, and the other, a traditional part of “white” America, supporting trump in turn be mobilized. And America for a long time bogged down in internal conflict.

And he can be very serious.

For Mr. trump, reminded “SP” head of the Laboratory of social and political technologies Alexey Inanimate stand, including world-interested elite. This before a world war was characterized by ethnic hatred, now in our postindustrial society, it has acquired a new role and can easily turn into a real civil war, as the world has become global. And if trump or his opponents do not recognize the results of the November elections, the scenario with the military clashes may well be a work, especially when you consider that each state has its own army.