Eagle-eyed observers have discovered the name of Donald Trump barely visible next to that of Joe Biden in an online image that the British Prime Minister posted to congratulate the Democratic presidential candidate on his success.

The picture posted by Boris Johnson last Saturday, after the US media declared Biden the victor of last week’s election. But a close examination of the image shows the name of Donald Trump – who still has not conceded – looming in the background right next to Biden’s. 

Congratulations @JoeBiden and

It’s one of several artifacts apparently left behind from an alternative version of the statement, prepared for a possible Republican win. Tinkering with the contrast of the image reveals the words “second term” and “on the future of this.”

There’s a hidden #gaffe in Boris Johnson’s congratulations Tweet to Joe Biden. #PhotoshopFail?

So, is it a minor-but-funny gaffe? Or does the British prime minister secretly have a backup plan in motion for a contingency in which Trump’s legal action over alleged election fraud translates into a second term? Hopefully, his office will soon clarify matters.

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