the US President Donald trump said that he would like to soon see positive dynamics in relations between Russia and Ukraine, which would allow countries to reach an understanding.

Answering the question as it relates to Putin’s words that “countries are trying to divide Russia and Ukraine, and if they were United, could become a world superpower”, trump said, “Well, I’d like to come to an agreement. I think that if they were United in the sense that they get along with each other, that would be great. It would be a great event for the whole world. If Ukraine and Russia were unable to reach some kind of agreement where they will get along, I think it would be very good.” The words of the American leader leads to the White house.

Answering the question about the possible help of Russia candidate Bernie Sanders, trump responded that “he wasn’t talking”. “You’ll have to ask Bernie Sanders. I mean, he knows better than me. I was not informed on the matter.”

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