I was surprised when I got last week, the Russia-Report by Robert Mueller in the hands. The 448 pages of this show: everything is much worse, as it made us Minister of justice, William Barr, believe!

at first glance, good news will be revealed on closer reading quickly as the dizziness: Trump is not a conspiracy, although definitely with a foreign Power, allowed for but agreements his team has with the Russians. And the charge of obstruction of Justice is all but dispelled: Mueller leads the eleven suspicious cases, leaving a final decision to the Congress.

Less amazed I am about the debate held this week, Washington’s breath: start the Democrats in the house of representatives, a majority, impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump?

A: obstruction of Justice by the President would suffice for an “Impeachment”procedure. Many Democrats are of the opinion that Trump has done this. For example, as he fire his Ex-chief of staff Don McGahn directed Mueller to. Or after the then Minister of justice Jeff Session tried to explained for self-conscious and to persuade Trump to oversee the investigations.

The egg dance from Nancy Pelosi

The party and its members are located in the horns of a dilemma: on the one Hand, one has to pull as the Supervisory authority, the duty of the President for misconduct to justice. On the other hand, major elections in one and a half years – since a political sense.

Nancy Pelosi, leader of the Democrats in the house of representatives, has set the foreign currency: for the time being, there is no “Impeachment should be started”procedure. Instead, she wants to launch a Consultation campaign to collect for the alleged “additional facts”: justice Minister Barr, Ex-chief of staff, McGahn, and special investigator Mueller to stand in front of Congress to answer.

the crafty Tactician Pelosi to draw attention in the coming months on the controversy, perhaps even criminal acts Trumps.

impeachment is out of the question for Pelosi until the elections of 2020. You know: That would be political suicide.

the young Democrats for four more years of Trump?

Not everyone in the party has accepted these eggs dance: the left wing of The Democrats, led by shooting star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, endorsed publicly a Trump-Impeachment and, as such, plays the President in the hands.

A majority of Americans also after the Russia-Report against a rush ahead of the Democrats. A Trump-Impeachment would have been approved in the public perception only if Mueller would have represented a conspiracy of the President of Russia. Then, the Republicans have in the Senate a conviction.

making a charge, would Trumps understand supporters as a “Coup,” and you in the election mood for 2020. Also Undecided could rate such a step as biased and unfair, but like the independent special investigator, no clear decision per of obstruction of Justice.

Trump hopes, probably that’s why behind closed doors, Pelosi is losing control over the Left in your party. Republican representative Peter King said this idea on Fox News on Tuesday: “As a Republican, I hope, almost, that the Democrats start an Impeachment,” he said.

at the Latest, in such statements it should Ocasio-Cortez and co. dawn: you are well-advised, defined eggs dance of Pelosi to participate. You are not a steer and plunge ahead, Donald Trump are already planning four more years in the White house.