president of the UNITED states fear that a continued closure of the UNITED states can cost businesses and jobs.

The us president, Donald Trump, warns that shut down the country for long because of coronakrisen.

A continued shutdown will, in fact, destroy the country, he says in an interview with Fox News, according to the AFP news agency.

– A lot of people agree with me. Our country is not built to shut down. You can destroy a country by closing it, he says in the interview.

currently, many americans are sent home from their jobs in order to reduce the risk of contamination. In addition, there are introduced various restrictions, among other things, in relation to the distance to other people and larger audiences.

Trump says that he in the beginning of nearly a week will “assess” whether it can talk to lifting restrictions in order to get the pinched economy back on track.

– We can not lose a company like Boeing. We can not lose this kind of companies.

– If we lose the companies, so we are talking about millions of jobs that will be lost, says the president of Fox News.

it Stands to Trump, so he will not have anything against it, that americans can return to their jobs around easter. It will say around 12. april.

I would love to see companies open around easter, he says.

IN the UNITED states has coronaspredningen so far led to more than 45,000, confirmed infected with hiv. More than 580 people had died, while they had the virus.

because of the situation, the us authorities sent about 100 million people – close to one-third of the country’s population – home from work.

currently trying to the us politicians to reach an agreement on a huge stimulus package of between 1000 and 2000 billion dollars, that should keep your hand under the industry and many jobs.