Donald Trump (73) serious: once Again, the US President has reiterated that he wants to buy the Danes in Greenland, since a purchase could it be “strategically” interesting. The former real estate Mogul Trump: “basically, it would be a great real estate business.” One that’ll tear the Danes a year, a hole of $ 700 million in the Fund.

Although the Danes of a “April, talk about a joke at the wrong date” and emphasize that the island was up for sale, has Trump announced, to determine their interest in selling. In his journey of thought to Copenhagen at the beginning of September he wanted to discuss the topic.

mineral resources under the ice

The nearly 2.2 million square kilometers, Greenland would not be for the USA only strategically interesting, it could turn out to be also as a huge treasure chamber. Within 15 years increased the annual average temperature of about five degrees and brought the ice to melt. The minerals are free of: gemstones, iron ore, Oil, Gold, copper, uranium, and Rare earths, which for the booming construction of batteries are used.

Trump rubbing their hands: The climate is warming but its Good!

Not the first offer

Also, if you like to laugh about Trumps idea, so it is not new at all. Already in 1946, one of his predecessors, Harry Truman (1884-1972) had suggested that the purchase Greenland for $ 100 million.

It would not be the first Time that Americans buy a Federal state. In 1867, they had bought from Russia, the 1.7 million-square-kilometer territory of Alaska, and at a bargain price of 7.2 million dollars! Tsar Alexander II (1818-1881) needed the money urgently, after he had brought the Crimean war to enormous losses. Converted to economic value, this sum would be equivalent today to 15 billion francs, which is around half a percent of the current state budget.

lucky in Alaska

Many Americans railed against at the time about the new, remote territory. It was a country of indigenous peoples, and polar bears, the earning economically and nothing to defend hard. Meanwhile, the opinion has turned: With its mineral resources of Alaska contributes a lot to the prosperity in the United States. The also have noticed the Danes and Greenlanders.

No wonder that Russia is the sale reut Alaska. The Crimea is a plaque with the inscription, since in 2016, “We have brought the Crimea back, you have to give back Alaska”. Trump does not think.

“Danes want to buy USA”

It would also be the first Time that the Americans buy the Danes of the country. Because the United States needed in the First world war in the Caribbean, a naval base, they acquired in 1917, the Islands of the Danish West India, and baptized in the American virgin Islands. The purchase price for the 350 square kilometer amounted to 25 million dollars, due to inflation, today is equivalent to around 460 million Swiss francs.

trump’s intentions are for Comedians a field day. Andy Borowitz (61) quips in the “New York”, that Denmark is of interest for the purchase of United States – but exclusive of the government, the you could put, for example, to North Korea. Borowitz mocks: “If you would build in the United States an educational and a health system, could develop the Land from a giant land mass into a great Nation.”