Donald trump on Wednesday vetoed a congressional resolution that prohibits the use of military force against Iran.

"Today I have vetoed resolution S. J. Res. 68, which ordered me to stop using the armed forces of the United States in military action against Iran. It was pretty insulting to the resolution introduced by the Democrats in their strategy of winning the election (to Congress) on November 3, by splitting the Republican party. The few Republicans who voted for it played into their hands", — reads the statement of the President released by the White house.

The head of state is confident that the resolution of the Congress is "wrong understanding of the facts and of the law" and insists that the elimination of the Iranian General Qasim Soleimani has been "fully resolved (American) law".

"Resolution means that the constitutional powers of the President to use military force is limited to the protection of the United States armed forces from imminent attack. This is incorrect. We live in a hostile world among emerging threats, and the Constitution recognizes that the President must be able to foresee the next steps of our enemies, and to take swift and decisive response. That’s what I did!" said trump.

A resolution at the March was supported by the majority of congressmen. Before that, in February, it was approved by the Senate, where majority belongs to the Republicans, not the Democrats in the house of representatives. It was a signal to the administration that even party members do not share trump his course on Iran and fear of the US being drawn into a war with the Islamic Republic.

The document which the Senate has made Democrat Tim Kane obliges trump "to cease all hostile actions against Iran," until further notice or Declaration of war, that under the Constitution only Congress does.

This resolution States that it should not be interpreted as "an obstacle to the United States to defend itself from an imminent attack". Specifically that the President has "constitutional responsibility for the adoption of measures for the protection of the United States, its territories, possessions, citizens, soldiers and diplomats from attack".

The United States held in Baghdad on 3 January, the operation to eliminate Soleimani. In response, Iran has carried out missile attacks on Iraqi base where us troops are stationed. The original trump and the Pentagon said that the victims of the shelling was not. Then the military were forced to admit that someone got hurt. Their number is constantly increasing.