the US President Donald trump has threatened to send troops to the rebellious due death of a black Minneapolis. He wrote about this in his Twitter.

“can’t just sit and watch what is happening with the great American city. [There] is no strong leader. Or this dweeb, mayor Jacob Frey will take control and pacify the crowd, or I’ll send the National guard”, — said the American leader.

At the same time informed the Governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz have called the National guard into the city. He noted that he supports the peaceful demonstration, however, caused the city of destruction to justify maintaining a secure environment. Soon, protesters set fire to a police station.

the Protests in Minneapolis — the largest city in the state of Minnesota began after the death of a black George Floyd. He died on 25 may during the arrest, carried out with the use of force.

the next day took to the streets hundreds of people, many of them wearing masks with the words “I can’t breathe” — these words tell the cops the victim. Peaceful demonstrations turned into riots, burning buildings, police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets.