Trump has testified in front of Congress with the annual message

Donald trump has turned to Congress with the annual message “About country position”. The US President assured that he intends to stop the war in the middle East. However, he said that the United States has invested in its armed forces record more than two trillion dollars, including have created the space forces.

Despite the loud statements, the group Democrats boycotted the message of the trump and refused to attend his speech. But the invitation gladly accepted a protege of Washington in Venezuela — opposition leader, Guido. Trump personally welcomed him, ignoring the fact that the legitimate President of Venezuela is Nicolas Maduro.

Said the head of the White house about relations with China. He stressed that the U.S. strategy worked, and the bargain was signed. “A few days ago we signed a fundamentally new agreement with China that will protect our workers, protect our intellectual property, to bring billions of dollars in our Treasury and to open huge new markets for products manufactured and grown right here in the United States of America”, — quotes words of the President TV channel “Russia 24”.