“Fake News” certificated you Trump in front of Thousands of cheering supporters during his appearance on Saturday evening (local time) in Green Bay, Wisconsin. “You are a forger.” The audience cheered then chanting, in which the Trump-critical channel CNN was vilified.

The Republicans acknowledged the Slogans with a wide Grin and said, CNN is losing viewers, because no one is the transmitter think. However, credibility is also one of trump’s most famous attributes: Since he took office in January of 2017, the facts checker, the Trump-critical “the Washington Post reported” more than 9450 false or misleading statements made by the President.

Trump was away from the gala dinner on Saturday for the third Time in a row. CNN had reported a few days ago that the President had instructed all the employees to boycott the event. Trump’s spokeswoman Sarah Sanders – who was with him in Green Bay and he asked on the Podium – said, in the past year she had been at an event where she was have been less welcome.

Sanders played at the gala dinner of the capital press in the previous year, when the comedian Michelle Wolf had attacked them violently. Critics have said that Wolf had gone with her all-blows against Trump and Sanders. Trump recently announced that he will not attend the event, which he called the “so boring and so negative.”

The President blames the media regularly disseminate deliberately false reports, and referred to journalists as “enemies of the people”. The annual gala dinner organised by the “White House Correspondents’ Association”, an Association of journalists who report on the White house.