Former Vice President of USA and candidate for President from the Democratic party, Joe Biden said that if the article in the newspaper The New York Times about the Russian intelligence contacts with the radical movement “Taliban” (an organization banned in Russia)* is true, then the President of the United States Donald trump has betrayed the us military. About it reports TV channel PBS.

“If this newspaper article is true and the tramp for many months knew about this information<…>is beyond reasonable, this is a betrayal of the most sacred services, which are our military,” said Biden.

Prior to this edition of the New York Times published an article stating that Russia was encouraging the Taliban to attack troops of the international coalition in Afghanistan. Later, however, the radical movement “Taliban” has denied the information that the organizations allegedly received money from Russian military intelligence in the Commission of such attacks. The white house also said that U.S. intelligence did not report to Trump about it, and the publication is not accurate.