Atkinson, who must resign his post within 30 days, was to assess the report, which accused Trump.

president of the UNITED states, Donald Trump, firing the inspector general for the u.s. intelligence community, Michael Atkinson.

It shall notify the president in a letter to several prominent congressmen.

Trump will within 30 days remove the official from office, when he no longer has “full confidence” in him.

instead, the expected Thomas Monheim, who has worked many years in the field of u.s. intelligence, to be deployed as acting inspector general.

Atkinson played a big role in the early stage of the Ukraine case, where he was to assess the report, who accused Trump of misconduct.

the Report was by Atkinson found credible.

the inspector general believed, moreover, that the president “made himself vulnerable to the risks associated with national security and other countries ‘intelligence services” by its conduct.

At a subsequent impeachment the president was accused of having abused his power by pressuring the Ukraine to investigate his political opponent Joe Biden.

It should specifically be made in connection with a phone call to the president of ukraine, Volodimir Zelenskij, in July.

the Case ended with the fact that Trump was not set aside by the Senate, where republican majority.

Trump was also accused of having opposed the Congressional work.

the inspector general for the u.s. intelligence community is an independent supervisory authority. Atkinson was in his time deployed by Trump.

the Democrats have come with the hefty criticism of the decision on the dismissal, not least because the UNITED states is struggling with a coronakrise.

– It is skruppelløst in the midst of a national emergency, that the president is once again trying to undermine the integrity of the guys even has an official just to do his job, says democratic senator Mark Warner, who is a high-ranking member permanent select committee on intelligence.