storm in a water glass or a hard blow for the business? In any case, complete of cheese, the Gruyère and Emmentaler producers. US President, Donald Trump (72) continues to be vehemently opposed to everything in world trade, the disadvantaged in his country, in his opinion. The latest step: He, or his trade representative Robert Lighthizer (71), has published a list with products which will soon be punitive tariffs should be collected.

11 billion a year,

products should all come from the EU because this Trump is hässig. For decades the EU has supported your favorite aircraft manufacturers with a total of 18 billion dollars and the US-competition-group-Boeing indirectly harmed. Now be ready for the fun part: we now intended To impose punitive tariffs in the expected amount of 11 billion a year on European products until the EU give up their subsidies.

On the Sanctions list only Airbus aircraft or olive oil from the EU, but also cheese of the varieties of “Swiss, Emmentaler or Gruyere, not but”. The latter is written in English, unlike in the original language, French, without Accent Grave (è).

in Part, the document, published by the White house the day before yesterday, Monday, is, however, very exactly: “with eye formation” is the entry that describes the Emmental – so “with the formation of Holes”.

decision in the summer

Purely formally, this applies only to products from the EU, where the varieties Emmentaler or Gruyère is also produced. “You must know that the United States designate all cheese with holes automatically as a Swiss Cheese”, says Martin Spahr, a spokesman for the cheese professional Association Switzerland Cheese Marketing, to VIEW. “But the sanctions hit us, but only EU cheese. We have therefore a very close eye on how well the US authorities to distinguish between homonymous EU products and a Swiss of the Original Emmental and Gruyère.”

From the threat of sanctions would be affected, for example, the Le Gruyère AOP (“Appellation d’origine Protégée”), whose export volume to the USA increased in the last few years.

However, the Trump-duties are still not a fact. Once trade organisation, WTO, the world both parties to the dispute – the US and the EU belong to namely–. A decision by the WTO arbitrator, which duties shall be levied in the amount of USA, is expected for the summer.