The candidate in US presidents from Democratic party former us Vice-President Joe Biden at 5% ahead of current President Donald trump in ranking nationwide voter support. Trump in turn has great chances of winning in key States, according to CNN, the experts of which conducted the survey.

It is noted that in most "controversial" States still leads with trump.

"51% of registered voters across the country support Biden, at the same time, 46% would prefer trump, while "the battlefield" 52% prefer trump and 45% Biden", – informs TV channel.

According to statistics, the former Vice President is more popular among women, black people and residents older than 45 years, whereas the current U.S. leader of the most popular among the white U.S. population with average incomes and young people.

In addition, according to polls, the majority of respondents assess the economic competence trump higher than his opponent (54% – tramp; 42% – Biden) while in the health issue and combat the coronavirus, the voters prefer the Democrat (51% – Biden; 45% – trump).

The total number of repondents negatively related to Donald Trump – 55%, Joe Biden – 46%.

The US presidential election to be held November 3, 2020. United States citizens will choose the head of state in the 46 th time.