The US President Donald trump once again encouraged to open schools for the upcoming school year and criticized distance learning, calling it a "terrible" in comparison with the full-time form.

"Now that we have seen this in large scale and know about this firsthand, the virtual training was terrible compared to teaching in the school or on campus. They do not compare! Schools should be open in the fall. If they are not open, then why is the Federal government will give funding? It will not give!" trump wrote on Twitter

Schools were closed almost the entire territory of the United States in March, and the vast majority have remained closed until the end of the school year. Will there be open institutions for the new academic year will be continued or distance learning, is still unknown. The decision to open school buildings in the state system of education was adopted at the district level, individual States. Private schools and universities make the decision independently, but must also act within the framework of existing rules and regulations of the States. On Tuesday, trump said that will put pressure on the governors on the issue of opening schools.