“Everyone is talking about Sweden, but the swedes are suffering.”

It said Donald Trump on the night of Wednesday local time, when he held a press conference in The White House and made the status of the corona-the situation in the UNITED states.

Here rejected the u.s. president’s criticism of the u.s. approach and stressed that the situation in Sweden is very serious.

It writes multiple media. Among them the Swedish Aftonbladet.

In contrast to many other countries in the world have swedes chosen a more lenient approach in the fight against the dreaded disease.

the Schools are still open, and the swedes can also still go to the restaurant and cafés.

IN the UNITED states, and there are, as also in Denmark and many other countries – very tough restrictions, and large sections of society are shut down.

On the night’s news conference was the Trump among other things, asked what he says to the countries that have a less restrictive approach to coronavirussen.

“Now, people are talking about Sweden, but Sweden is in serious disorder. Almost all countries have made equal as us,” came the dismissive of the Trump.

the President was also asked to relate to the countries that are opposed to social distancing.

“I think not, there are so many. If you look around the world, so has almost all the countries which practiced it, closed again. The uk is an example. Now, people are talking about Sweden, but Sweden is in a serious crisis, it knows you well?” he said, when at the same time he defended the us strategy.

the President also came into the discussion about herd immunity.

Trump rejected the idea of the strategy, because it would require too many deaths.

“the Flock. They call it the flock. Sweden suffer large. It is his case to make it, but all have been watching each other, and almost all countries have made as we. If we had not done it, we had lost hundred of thousands more.”

the Man behind the Swedish it alone is statsepidemiolog Anders Tegnell.

Across from the tv station STV he will answer Wednesday morning at the criticism.

“Yes, now, no one should take this too seriously. It is, of course, that all countries suffer from it here, more or less. Of course, it is very difficult in Sweden. Not least in the health sector. However, in comparison with the situation in New York, where I happen to have a relative that works, so it is still very good in Sweden,” said Tegnell.

He stresses that even though many swedes are infected, and therefore there is a bustle in the hospitals, then the hospitals still space for everyone.

In contrast to the american president claims Anders Tegnell, that herd immunity is the only way to go – either through the vaccine or by the fact that large parts of the population get the disease and become immune.

“I don’t know what he thinks of it (the resistance against the herd-immunity, ed.), but those of us who work with infectious diseases know that this type of disease continues to spread, until we achieve immunity in the population. There is no other way to stop it.”