Donald Trump is nearly neck-and-neck with presidential opponent Joe Biden, who earlier enjoyed a comfortable lead over the incumbent, according to a new CNN poll. Voters are divided over Biden’s VP pick, Kamala Harris.

The presumptive Democratic nominee leads Trump by just four points nationally, 50 percent to 46 percent, the poll shows. In fifteen battleground states, the CNN poll gives the former vice president a one-point lead, with Biden at 49 percent and Trump at 48 percent. Factoring in the poll’s margin of error, ranging from 3.7 to 5 percentage points, the presidential contenders may be close to tied. 

The numbers are bad news for Biden, who enjoyed considerably more support back in June when an earlier CNN poll gave him a 14-point lead over the president. 

Notably, the poll was conducted between August 12-15, meaning participants were aware of Biden’s pick for vice president, California Senator Kamala Harris. Harris received a “narrowly positive favorability rating” from voters, CNN reported, with 41 percent having a favorable view of the senator, opposed to 38 percent expressing disapproval. 52 percent of respondents thought Harris was a good pick, although it’s still unclear if she will play a decisive factor in who wins in November. 62 percent said her selection would not have much effect on how they vote.

On national issues, Trump leads Biden on the economy, an issue which will likely take center stage as the US continues to reel from historic layoffs and faltering businesses. The former vice president, however, is more trusted on foreign policy, healthcare, racial inequality, and response to the coronavirus outbreak. 

The poll results were published a day before the Democratic National Convention is set to begin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The convention, which will feature addresses from Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, as well as Harris, could help to reinvigorate Biden’s slumping support. However, the virtual event will likely lack the energy and enthusiasm of previous political conventions. 

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