Later, Trump praised “great progress” in the talks, with a breakthrough, he expects, but only after the upper house election in Japan in July.

The United States and Japan had agreed in September to negotiations over a realignment of trade relations. The US President had repeatedly denounced the “very large deficit” of his country in trade with Japan. Trumps the threat of punitive tariffs on car imports, which would also meet Japanese manufacturers, put a strain on the actually tight relations between the two countries.

Trump had arrived on Saturday to a four-day state visit to Japan. On Sunday he played a round of Golf with the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Television pictures showed together with the Japanese professional golfer Isao Aoki on the Green.

Later visited Trump and Abe, together with their wives, a Sumo tournament for the high number of visitors were exchanged, the traditional seat cushion on the floor of the Arena, specifically against proper chairs with Backs. After the battle gave Trump the winner Asanoyama a purpose-built, 30-pound trophy, the “President’s Cup”.

On Monday will receive Trump is also the first foreign guest of state from the new Japanese Emperor Naruhito.

observers suspect that Abe, with the lush framework programme, it is involved during Trump’s visit to the special relationship of Japan wants the United States to underline, though, like many other countries, with Washington in trade disputes.

After his first Meeting with Abe, Trump wrote on Sunday on Twitter, in trade talks with Japan already “great progress had been” achieved. In particular, the issues of agriculture and beef have played a large role. “But you have to wait until after their election in July,” added Trump.

Because of the upcoming upper house election in Japan steps had not already been expected concrete results of their efforts in the trade talks. The United States, the dispute with China are in a bitter trade, is likely to be hardly willing to make concessions.

another important theme in the discussions of the North Korea-conflict. On Sunday tweeted Trump, he would continue to “trust” in the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un. The country had fired “some small arms”, which had not troubled him but, he wrote, apparently with reference to the missile tests in early may. “I have confidence that Chairman Kim will keep his promise to me,” added Trump.

North Korea had triggered the beginning of may, with two missile tests within a week of sharp international criticism. Experts believe that Pyongyang wants to do with the firings pressure on the United States in the stalled talks on the North Korean nuclear program.

North Korea had to meet in June 2018 at the historic first summit between Trump and Kim, in principle, for the denuclearization agreed. Concrete steps were agreed on. The second summit in Hanoi in February has been discontinued.