Trump called impeachment hell

the US President Donald trump said that he had much to endure because of the impeachment.

“Without a fair reason, we have been through hell,” said trump, speaking at the White house before congressional Republicans, lawyers, advisors and journalists.

trump showed the audience the newspaper The Washington Post with the headline “Justified” and said it was the only good title that he has ever seen in this newspaper. According to trump, his performance Thursday in the White house is not a press conference, not a speech, but a celebration.

He stressed that he had been treated incredibly unfairly: “in the Beginning we had Russia, Russia, Russia. It was all complete nonsense”. As reported “Interfax”, participants repeatedly applauded the President’s standing.

As previously reported, senators acquitted trump of all charges in the framework of the impeachment hearings. The house of representatives, where the majority belongs to the Democrats, put forward to Trump the charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The vote ended with a score of 53-47 and 52-48. Against trump also voted for one Republican – MITT Romney.