With the step, US President, Donald Trump has admitted for the first time that he’s proposed arms trade conflict could also have an impact on U.S. consumers.

of trade disputes will harm consumers

“Despite the recent harsh rhetoric, the escalation of the trade harms war two, the United States and China,” wrote Analyst Steven Englander of the Bank Standard Chartered in New York. The U.S. chamber of Commerce, welcomed the concessions by the government as “good news for American businesses and consumers”. Now, it is important that the two countries agreed on a “comprehensive and enforceable” trade agreement, said Vice President Neil Bradley.

a Positive reaction of the markets

The Chinese have signaled in an interview on Tuesday to buy more agricultural products from the USA, said Trump, according to the displacement of the punitive tariffs. China had, however, already in view.

The respite in the conflict of the two largest economies also boosted the world stock exchanges. In New York the Dow Jones closed on Tuesday evening, less than 1.5 per cent higher. Also, the iPhone manufacturer Apple, the leaves produce in China, rose strongly and closed 4 per cent higher. What are the products of still higher tariffs to follow?

The Trump at the beginning of August announced Penalty tax of 10 percent on Chinese imports is on 1. September to enter into force. Popular consumer goods such as iPhones, Laptops, sneakers, and toys are however only starting from 15. December will be busy with the Criminal charge. Trump said that the duties had been postponed, “so you are ready for the Christmas season is not relevant”. The logic seems clear: the more Expensive Christmas gifts do not make politicians popular.

in addition to the up to December of exemptions for consumer goods would remain certain, for health, or the national security of the important products permanently excluded, said the office of the US trade representative. Trump had originally said that punitive duties would be imposed on imports in the amount of approximately 300 billion US dollars. In view of the shift and the exceptions remained unclear, which of the total is recorded in volume now.

resumption of the trade talks

China and the US want to resume their trade talks in two weeks on the phone again. Trump said the recent discussions had been “very productive”. China wool necessarily agreement a trade, he said. The previous round of talks the two countries in July was gone with no concrete outcome to end, and Trump announced the new criminal duties. Trump is also in the future make sure to keep up the pressure and on a quick deal with Beijing pushing. He fears that the Chinese play in terms of the US election in the coming year, on time. He does not want to accept.

The trade war was originally from the annoyance Trumps it triggered that China exports far more to the USA than Vice versa. The U.S. President calls for the elimination of market barriers, is critical of the violation of intellectual property rights and forced technology transfer in China make U.S. companies. (SDA)