is not closed First fear, then relief: U.S. President Donald Trump, the border to Mexico. Last weekend he threatened to make due to the rising number of illegal immigrants seriously. However, at the Insistence of the Republican party leadership, he had to crabs on Thursday.

in Spite of first days of summer, the mood in San Diego was the rest of the week is tense. The economy of the Californian metropolis is benefiting daily from Mexican cross-border workers, who arrive before sunrise from Tijuana across the border in the city. Restaurants, shops and private persons are in need of your services.

The looming collapse as a result of a border closure has made the lives of people. Ruben Martinez, a housekeeping employee from Tijuana to VIEW: “My whole family was scared. We are dependent on my Job here, otherwise it will be tight.”

only border cities like San Diego have not Yet felt the consequences. The whole US economy would have been affected. Experts predicted: No Avocados, no workers, no economic growth. The greater the relief on Wall Street, as a Trump of his plans returns: The Dow Jones Index was strong, the castle at the end of the day, clearly in the Plus.

“The Land is full of. Turn around!”

at The conclusion of a tumultuous week, the US President came out on Friday himself to the limit. He met in the Californian city of Calexico with the staff of the border protection authority. They complain that the influx of migrants is no longer to cope with.

After his Meeting Trump was also a clear message to the migrants that are on the way in the USA: “We can not accommodate you. The country is full. Turn around!” Several times he repeated these words, spoke in front of the cameras in a Rage: “We have no place. If it is full then it is full. As simple as that.”

From the concrete wall, each track

missing Actually Trump any other reason to California. He wanted to make a picture of “his wall” how the White house let it be known. In October 2018 in Calexico on four kilometres of outdated fences were replaced by nine-Meter-high steel fences. The Minister for Internal security, and Trump-Familiar Kirstjen Nielsen had, even attaching a plaque to honor the President.

What is Trump hiding: The project was already initiated in 2009 by his predecessor, Barack Obama. The government at that time stated in a report that the obsolete fences need to be replaced.

Also under the carpet in the prototype, the Trump was under a great deal of attention in San Diego to build were swept. All of them were demolished at the beginning of this year.

to this day, the government has completed only the repair and replacement of older border fence installations. Trump claimed, nevertheless, diligently, that his wall is being built, and large Parts are already finished. However, from a concrete wall, which he had promised in 2016, full-bodied, lacking in San Diego and in the rest of the USA each and every track.