Trump assured that will not interfere with her private hotel

WASHINGTON, April 20 – RIA Novosti. The US President Donald trump has assured that will not interfere with her private because of the coronavirus hotel in Las Vegas, he stated on Sunday at a briefing at the White house.

“I’m not interfering, I could intervene if he wanted to, but I’m not interfering, I decided not to interfere,” said trump. Asked whether he shares the position of mayor of Las Vegas, which considers the closure of the business in the face of coronavirus, which has taken the Governor of the state, over step.

trump confirmed that Las Vegas was closed by one of his “very large hotels.” “He (Governor) has taken a very serious step, but I have no problem with that,” said trump. “You know, someone that is not very happy, some owners (of the business), some builders, someone says this should get rid of, I understand both sides,” said the US President.

Earlier media reported that the Trump Organization conducts informal negotiations with one of the largest international banks Deutsche Bank for deferment of loan payments amid financial difficulties caused by a coronavirus. It was reported that in connection with the coronavirus, the company is forced to close the hotels to cut staff and services in hotels.

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