Trump asked the elderly to sacrifice their lives in the interests of capital

But trump statements that he made in an interview with Fox News channel, has placed all points over “I”. “We need to get back to work. The flu kills thousands of people. And we never turned off because of this America. More people we lose in accidents. While we do not ask car manufacturers to stop making cars,” – said the astonished reporters, the U.S. leader.

According to the President, from the virus will die much less people than in a situation where the US will be in a major recession or depression. Because generalized trump – down quarantine: Americans no longer wish to be locked in a house or apartment. And the owners of “factories, Newspapers, steamships” should not remain without income, the more ruined caused by some virus.

Photo: REUTERS/Guglielmo Mangiapane Germans introduced severe penalties for violation of quarantine coronavirus

the Last sentence trump, of course, never said out loud, although its logic is clear to every American. Older people, especially the poor, the homeless, the current us leader worthless human ballast, which may even need to sacrifice in a crisis, to preserve the incomes of successful people. Survival of the fittest. For trump, the businessman in the recent past, it is an axiom of business. At the same time, as the local media, wealthy Americans have gone to isolate themselves in their mansions and estates.

trump’s Reaction to the situation in the country can hardly be regarded as spontaneous. The rapid growth in the number of cases in combination with limited possibilities of American medicine, able to cure only the rich, those who have expensive insurance, leaves the White house choice. And the point here is not the absence of the President experienced virologist. The Outlook for the U.S. economy is bleak – up to 30 percent of U.S. residents in the coming months of losing their job. The collapse of Obama’s compulsory medical insurance scheme than previously so proud of trump, now leaves no chance to the doctors to get the epidemic under control – too large percentage of the population was not covered by medical assistance. Even the infusion into the economy of trillions of dollars, which, perhaps, will agree on Wednesday, the Congress will not improve the situation if the Americans will stay home in quarantine.

this means that either trump will convince the population not to pay attention to the epidemic and deliberately, for the sake of the country, to sacrifice for those who are not able to provide themselves with medical care, or the White house waiting for the inevitable collapse of the economy. In this catastrophic increase in the number of cases could put an end to the presidential ambitions trump Democrats today leave no stone unturned taken by the US administration steps to curb СOVID-19.

the Struggle against “windmills”, namely, that the President of the United States against coronavirus, only complicates his relationship with the sponsors of the Republican party, who are losing money due to a member of the tailspin of American industry. Spurs trump to the decision to lift the quarantine, and the situation in China, where a victory was announced, over COVID-19 and rapidly restore the economy.

Photo: Sergey Savostyanov/TASS the Doctor explained why the fashion industry made it difficult to develop immunity

There is another argument in favor of abandoning quarantine in the US who in the White house, certainly, voice will not. In the ongoing presidential toCampania candidates from the Democratic party – Bernie Sanders and John Biden – have a great deal to travel across the United States to win the electoral votes. While trump his nomination as the Republican candidate has already provided. But Biden, and Sanders – people are already elderly. And if, during trips and meetings with voters, they get sick, and this cannot be excluded, trump, election simply no worthy competitors. For this perspective you can donate many, more many.

Therefore, this American leader’s promise that by Easter a Church in the USA will be filled with parishioners who are not seems unjustified bravado. Being unable at short notice to take control of the situation with coronavirus, trump is planning to April 12 to completely abandon the fight against the disease across the state. The outrage of such a position by who for trump will have no value, as the actual opinion of other international organizations. Indeed, if for the reelection of President Trump will need to close their eyes to the death of tens and even hundreds of thousands having the misfortune to be in the U.S. during the epidemic, the elderly, it is with deep sorrow reports that those died for the sake of the greatness of America. For him it’s just business and nothing personal.